Two Days in Munich, Germany

At the end of June, I went on an 18 day trip to Eastern Europe, specifically Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. I traveled with my boyfriend, parents, aunt, and uncle and had the opportunity to experience some of the most incredible places. Throughout the next couple weeks, I will be sharing my adventures and telling all about my likes, dislikes, and where I would travel back to. So this is part one of my Europe travel diaries, beginning in Munich, Germany.

We started our trip at LAX, mentally preparing for the 14 hours of traveling ahead. Luckily I came prepared and comfortable, dressed in my favorite high waisted leggings and For Better, Not Worse tank. After a four hour layover in London and several neck-cramp-filled naps, we landed in Munich right around midnight. It’s safe to assume that we all passed out as soon as we arrived at our hotel.

Day one began with an amazing breakfast at Mr. Pancake. It’s a tiny little cafe (there were maybe 5 tables) that had a small menu consisting of different types of pancakes. If you are looking for an authentic Munich breakfast experience, this is the place. Going here we found that it was full of locals grabbing breakfast or a quick coffee before heading to work. The pancakes are made from scratch and the sausages were incredible.

We spent the rest of the morning exploring Marienplatz, which is the center square of Munich. It is filled with shops, food & flower vendors, and a beautiful City Hall building with a famous glockenspiel. Afterwards, we went on a four hour bike tour that took us all throughout the city. We stopped at beautiful churches, historical buildings, museums and palaces where we got to learn their history. My favorite part was biking through The English Garden, think of Munich’s own version of Central Park. The park was filled with beautiful rivers, trails, and of course a biergarten. (There are literally biergartens everywhere you go)

We finished the bike tour with beers at Hofbrauhaus, Munich’s oldest beer hall, and continued to walk around the city until the evening. Most of our group was tired from a long day (we seriously walked like 20,000 steps) and decided to go bed early, but my boyfriend, dad, and I headed out for Italian food at L’Osteria. The pizza and pastas were phenomenal. I am still talking about how amazing my tortellini with proscuitto was because it was just that good.

Day two was filled with lots and lots of food. We decided to have a more mellow day since we got the majority of site seeing in the day before.This led us to wander through the Victuals Market, a large outdoor farmers market, where we picked up varieties of meats, cheeses, breads, and wine. I totally recommend going to a market like this if you are ever in Europe. Trying different foods from local vendors was a great experience and everything was SO delicious.

One of the things my boyfriend and I wanted to do on our trip was take my family to a nice dinner. We decided on Michelin star restaurant Broeding where we indulged in a 6 course meal with wine pairings. I wish I had taken photos of all of the courses, but I may have eaten them to quickly to snap pics. The courses included gazpacho with fresh mozzarella and avocado ice cream, rabbit crostini, seared tuna with beetroot and cream sauce, lamb cooked two ways with chard and mushrooms (shown above), and a pastry filled with vanilla bean chantilly cream and served with candied apricots. Each course somehow surpassed the other in deliciousness. It was by far one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life.

Dinner was about three hours long, crazy I know, so after we were all pretty stuffed and tired. We concluded the night with drinks at a bar and planned for the next day of travel. We were heading to Passau where we’d start a cruise down the Danube River. To read about it, head over to part two!


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