What To Buy From Target’s Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Collection

Confession: I am an HGTV addict. To me, there is nothing better than binge watching home renovation shows on a lazy Sunday. So I’m sure you can imagine I was ecstatic when I found out my favorite reality TV couple, Chip & Joanna Gaines, would be coming out with an affordable home collection exclusively at Target.

Call me a nerd, but I stalked Target’s website for months waiting to get a peek at what the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection would look like. When they finally released a preview, I was so pleased with what they had come out with. They had curated a perfect selection of home decor & accents that could fit in perfectly with many people’s style, but still stayed true to Joanna’s keen eye for eclectic design.

This past weekend, Target finally released the collection and I have gathered a list of the best pieces under $30 below:

 Galvanized Container Candle: Hearth & Hand came out with a few different scents of this candle. I love the rustic combination of silver & gold and for a 25 ounce candle, the price is unbeatable. I particularly love the Teakwood Currant scent.

Woven Tassel Throw Blanket: Nothing makes a home cozier than a throw hanging over your couch or laid out neatly at the end of your bed. This one is so perfect for the holidays with its subtle hints of green. I am one who likes more neutral holiday decorations, and this adds the perfect touch of Christmas colors without being overwhelming.

Small Galvanized House Lantern: I love all of the little houses Joanna incorporated into the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection. The galvanized house lanterns look so good styled with white pillar candles. I am probably going to end up purchasing both sizes for my own home.

Music Notes Framed Wall Art: This is my absolute favorite piece in the entire Hearth & Hand collection. I love anything brass and the vintage vibes of the music note art. This would look SO good in a gallery wall. Definitely buying on my next Target run (& it’s only $20!)

Stoneware Storage Container: These containers are perfect for keeping a well-looking kitchen or pantry without the Crate & Barrel prices. Since they come in three different sizes (& also in black), there is an option for any item you need to store. Plus, they look great if you need to keep them out on your kitchen counters.

Striped Pot Holder Set: Who said pot holders don’t have to be cute?! I love the black and white stripes and the brown leather loops add a touch of charm. The neutral colors are easy to bring into any type of kitchen and for the price, there’s really no reason not to buy these.

Green Stoneware Mug: I love the incorporation of deep green that is throughout the Hearth & Hand collection. I have been thinking about bringing in more green into my kitchen & these mugs are the perfect touch. I love the rustic charm this mug has and as a coffee addict, you can never have to many mugs!

Round Mirrored Brass Tray: I love this brass tray because it can be used multiple ways. It would look amazing on a coffee table with the Galvanized Container Candle and some cute decorations, or it can be hung as an accent mirror. Either way, it makes a great touch and can be easily incorporated into a home.


What are you loving from the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection? Tell me what you think of the collaboration with Target in the comments!


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