5 Wardrobe Pieces Worth Splurging On

When it comes to my sense of style & my love of fashion, I daydream about luxury clothing and having the latest Gucci bag. But as much as I love the Gucci’s & Saint Laurent’s of the world, I can also truly appreciate finding a top for $3 in the clearance bin. Hey, life’s about balance, right?

Realistically, 99% of us can’t afford to wear head-to-toe designer everyday and there is no problem with that. I honestly get so much satisfaction when people are shocked at how much I’ve spent on an outfit, because 99% of the time I paid practically nothing (but you would never know). I for one, am ALL about shopping the sale racks and hunting for discounts.

It’s all about knowing when to spend on high-quality pieces, and when to save your cash and buy something cheaper. There are definitely times when it’s worth spending more on items to ensure you are getting high-quality products that will last a long time. That’s why I wanted to share the FIVE things that are worth splurging on for your wardrobe.

1. Denim

Nothing is worse to shop for than denim. One pair fits your thighs, but is too big in the waist. One pair fits your perfectly, but is 6 inches too long. One pair could maybe fit your waist if you could just pull them over your booty. It’s never-ending. When you find that perfect pair of jeans, BUY THEM. Even if they are a bit more than you’d normally spend, stumbling upon the perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. When I found the jeans featured in this outfit, I knew I had to purchase them. I have SO much trouble finding jeans that fit my waist, butt, & are the correct length (bonus points that they are the perfect high-waist). When you find that perfect pair, splurge. And buy them in every color.

2. Classic Heels

Confession: I am addicted to shoes. If I could wear a different pair of shoes everyday, I would be the happiest girl in the world. But alas, that’s not gonna happen. There is a time to spend $30 on the trendy patent booties that are all the rage and a time to spend more on a classic heel. Investing in a good pair of black pumps is totally worth the splurge. While you’re at it, get a nude pair too. Having a great pair of shoes that will last you for years is well worth the money.

3. Staple Jackets

There are three jackets a girl should have in her closet that are worth splurging on: a blazer, a leather jacket, and a good coat. Regardless of your personal style, all of these can be implemented into your wardrobe. These are classic jackets that you can have for decades and they will still be wearable, so it is well worth spending more on high-quality items. Fall in love with one & don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on it. You can wear these jackets with practically anything, after all.

4. A Little Black Dress

Everyone should take the time and find the perfect little black dress. One that you can wear dressed up, dressed down, during the day & at night. If you can find the LBD that you can wear thousands of times, splurge. I have the perfect dress from Reformation that has gotten YEARS of use. So beyond worth the money I paid all those years ago, and I still get compliments every time I wear it. A little black dress that fits you like a glove is 10/10 worth the splurge.

5. A Timeless Handbag

I believe that everyone should have a really good bag that they can either use everyday or pull out for special occasions. This could be a classic Chanel boy bag or a great leather tote, whatever suits you and your style. Finding a bag that can last throughout years of wear and tear is well worth the investment. I can’t wait to give my hypothetical daughter my hypothetical handbag collection in the future. Not only is a great bag worth it for you, but it could be something meaningful to pass along to future generations.

What I’m Wearing

Sweater: Storets

Jeans: Stella McCartney

Booties: UrbanOG, similar


xoxo, Megan

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  1. February 9, 2018 / 9:51 pm

    Your blog is gorgeous! And I’m dying over this outfit! So cute girl

    • meganhofferth@gmail.com
      February 16, 2018 / 12:59 am

      Thank you so much! The coat is so affordable and I believe it comes in other colors! I loved the pink though 🙂

      xoxo, Megan

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